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                  Service hotline: shenzhen:0755-25857507 Hunan:0731-55880108

                  About us

                  Contact us

                  Shenzhen yue peng environmental protection technology co., LTD

                  Telephone: 0755-25857566

                  Email address: sales@yphb.com.cn

                  Address: shenzhen baoan south road of hong hao yuan shang ge 20 c/D/E

                  Hunan hunan Taiwan environmental protection of the next scene high and new technology development co., LTD

                  Telephone: 0731-55880108

                  Email address: sales@yphb.com.cn

                  Address: xiangtan jiu hua economic and technological development zone dongfeng road no. 8

                  Development course
                  The current position: Home> About us >Development course
                    Development course


                  Vupon Environmental Protection completed Round B venture capital and financing.

                  Vupon Environmental Protection acquired Hunan Jinni Biotechnology Holding Company.


                  Vupon Environmental Protection completed Round A venture capital and financing.


                  Cooperative R&D Center of Postdoctoral Programme and Postdoctoral Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practice Base were established.

                  Vupon Environmental Protection was listed in the “New OTC Market”. ( Stock Code: 839461)


                  Vupon Environmental Protection was awarded the “National High-tech Enterprise”.

                  The company was restructured into a limited company.

                  The company signed an agreement with Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to establish a “demonstration base for environmental protection”.


                  Hunan Jingyi Environmental Detection Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary, was established.

                  Hunan Jingyi won the first batch of “Hazardous Waste Management Licenses” for environmental protection.


                  Jiangxi Vupon Environmental Protection Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary,was established.


                  The company's construction project was awarded “National Key Environmental Protection Practical Technology Demonstration Project”.

                  Hunan Jingyi was awarded the “National High-tech Enterprise” for environmental protection.


                  Hunan Jingyi Environmental Protection Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary, was established.


                  Vupon Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Shenzhen.

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